Services Offered By Us

Our service array includes

Market Research: In-depth market understanding of both domestic and international markets.
Market Entry Strategy: Identification of the best distribution channels.
Market Analysis: Choosing the right markets / market segments and analyzing potential in the chosen segments.
Market Expansion: Strategies to grow and increase market share.
Establishment of sales channels: Implementation of the market entry strategy.
Team Building: Selecting the right minded individuals.
Creating Distribution Channels: Ensuring wider reach through the right distribution channels.
Establishment of Infrastructure: Building the entire project right from an idea to reality.
Establishment of Supply Chain: Finding reliable suppliers for production needs.
Setting up factories: Selection of land, purchase of land, getting approvals, managing factory construction and getting started.

Services being offered for foreign companies

  • Assessing the market potential for your product(s) in India.
  • Mapping potential customers in India.
  • In case of manufacturing : identifying correct location, purchase of land, local clearances, recruitment of manpower, facilitating construction and starting of operations.
  • In case of marketing : identifying direct customers and/or distributors, recruiting sales/ service team and in establishing a minimum base.
  • Any other need based assistance in strategy, planning, implementation.

    Services being offered for engineering companies in India

  • Assessing market potential in areas within India or abroad where your brands are not being sold currently.
  • Customer mapping in selected areas.
  • Selection of direct customers and/or distributors.
  • Sales promotion and actual selling to reach the targetted level.

    Additional services through our associates

  • CEO coaching.
  • Business excellence training.
  • Non Destructive Testing services.
  • NDT training and certification.

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